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40 years Cranium magazine

This year the editorial board of Cranium, magazine of the WPZ, published its 40th volume. I have been the chief editor and designer since 2017, and I am very proud of my reliable and professional team of editors. The enthousiastic authors I have met over the years, provided us with a diverse set of articles on pleistocene mammals and related topics, while allowing me much freedom in designing their articles. The sleek magazine design even inspired other publishers, and will take Cranium through the next decennium.

Every now and again, I am also encouraged to write articles. This celebratory year, it even inspired us to organise a huge prize puzzle. Volume 40 does not just take the readers back through all 80 issues, but more importantly, it makes them realise the value of the magazine for Dutch palaeontology. And thus, the release of the second and last issue of the 40th volume was a proud moment, which I am happy to share.

Cranium 40-2 in a gif

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