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Designing a photo album with Fotofabriek

Updated: Apr 10

A new personal goal I have set this year, is to design photo albums at various companies to evaluate their software, quality and pricing. This endeavor not only improves my design skills but also boosts my confidence. Ultimately, it helps me to better cater to my clients' needs by offering photo albums and other print-on-demand requests with seasoned expertise.

The first album, of my recent photography trip to Isle of Skye, Scotland, is finished and was made at Fotofabriek. The final product is as good as I hoped for. The book was well wrapped and arrived in perfect condition. The firm cover shows bright colours and feels like it will hold the book together for many years to come. The sturdy paper also has a nice feel to it. My photos are printed almost as bright as on the screen. And the lay-flat version improves the way the panoramic pictures are displayed on the spreads.

On the second day, the pages started to undulate, at which point I contacted the Fotofabriek helpdesk. They were quick to reassure me the book was still recovering from the printing process (moist and high temperatures) and would continue to do so faster in a steady, dry room temperature. And it has.

All in all, I am very happy with Fotofabriek, their easy to work with design software, printing quality and the fast and well-wrapped delivery.

A digital preview, unfortunately a bit small to view, is available below.

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