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My name is Nike Liscaljet and I am a freelancer; a cultural entrepreneur, designer, editor, fundraiser, palaeontologist, photographer, quartermaster, a wife and a mother.

I feel privileged when people ask me to take pictures of their life events, such as anniversaries and weddings, pregnancies and funerals. Every event is different and leaves me with new experiences. I even started making short promotional and documentary films. The best reactions I have received are when people say things like “You make me feel relaxed and the picture looks very natural” or “It’s amazing that you recorded that. I didn’t see it as it happened” or “I did not even notice you were there” and "The way you captured the light and the feel of the place is fantastic!"

When I am not out with my camera, I get creative on the computer. I founded 3VOOR12 Leiden, am very active in several ways with the Dutch Association for the Study of Pleistocene Mammals (WPZ), am the chief editor and designer of their biannual magazine ‘Cranium’, and I love initiating and assisting in natural history projects with project management. One of my latest greatest achievements is the Digi-Safari Pleistocene Netherlands project & Dutch National Ice Age Mammal election campaign. I have also opened my webshop on Art Heroes / Werk aan de Muur.

To relax and clear my head, I love to read books, walk with my labradoodle Flóki, play (board) games with my kid Inlé, watch movies and series with my husband Jonathan, or fly around on my little green dragon Yamaha Dragstar 650.



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