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Mapping Dutch Ice Age mammals

Pleistocene mammals in The Netherlands

Image: Mauricio Antón

Between 2020 and 2023 I was acting quarter master for the 40th anniversary of the Dutch Association for the Study of Pleistocene Mammals (WPZ). And it was in that role, that I initiated and successfully completed this grant project to make a complete inventory of all Dutch Ice Age (Pleistocene) mammals based on fossil finds.

This unique heritage project resulted in a digital and interactive map, launched in May 2022. It shows one third of the 182 species inventored in a Dutch Pleistocene landscape; glacial, Ice Age environment on the left side, interlacial on the right. Visitors can explore and zoom in on the map, while reading the stories told by the mammals. The digi-safari was painted by paleoartist Mauricio Antón and is available as poster print.

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