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Electing a National Ice Age mammal

Designing the Digi-Safari Pleistocene Netherlands led me to the question which Ice Age mammal would be a national favorite. Would it be the famous woolly mammoth or perhaps a sabretooth, whale or small rodent. So, as quarter master and together with the WPZ40 team, I organised a national election campaign.

After weeks and months of collecting votes, touring natural history museums and promoting all Dutch ice age mammals on social media, we finally had a shortlist of 10 species, each with their own famous Dutch ambassador. The final voting round gave us a real competition for becoming the most loved ice age mammal. The succeeding ambassador was black metal band Terzij de Horde, who would literally scream the loudest for the win. On 29 April 2023, we presented the favoured mammal, the Auvergne tapir, with the title of Dutch National Ice Age Mammal. Who would have thought this possible?

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