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Giving palaeontologists a stage

Part of the symposium poster I designed

Acting as board member and editor at the Dutch Association for the Study of Pleistocene Mammals (WPZ) for over 10 years, I have been organising events, conferences and exhibitions, among many other things. The fun and experiences gained in this, led me to assist the WPZ40 team in organising the 40th anniversary symposium On Stage: Ice Age Cemeteries. This turned out to be an amazing opportunity to get together with some great palaeontologists from America and Europe, in the beautiful city of Maastricht in May 2022, and connect their stories on and off stage.

The cherry on the cake was the unveiling of the first life-sized and lifelike model of Dutch giant beaver, Trogontherium cuvieri. Its fossils have been studied by a group of Dutch palaeontologists / WPZ members, which led to this model and a future publication.

Symposium participants and the Trogontherium model

Image: Natural History Museum Maastricht

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