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For whom the wedding bell tolls

April 9th of this year, I was invited to attend and take pictures of my friends' wedding at Scheveningen beach. It was a special ceremony during which the bride (from Colombia) gave her speech in Dutch, while the Dutch broom gave his in Spanish. I have just uploaded a selection of their wedding pictures to my album Weddings, under Life Events. Here, you will also find my pictures from three previous weddings. The picture above was taken at the start of the bride's bachelorette party (surprise succeeded).

I always take some time to process the pictures, share them with the married couple and make a selection for my website. Some ask for me to document the entire day starting at make up, while others only request pictures of the ceremony and a photoshoot. Last week, I photographed a wedding in Amsterdam of which pictures will soon be published here. Today I will attend yet another wedding! Love is in the air, and in my lens. So visit my website again soon for new lovely shots.

- Photo album Weddings

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